Kepler Cadets

Our newest universe - set in Kepler 22 B, in the distant future. Cadets Rajay, Leelee and Booga, with their robot pet Alpha-43C, and alien friend Gunf battle with Zorblatt the Marauder and Mograth the Veiled Sovereign of the penumbra. Amazing story for pre-teens and introduce them to sci fi on your terms!

Fairy Tales

Stories similar to those by the Grimm Brothers and other classics. Fairies, witches, wizards, and ofcourse prices and pricesses

Dragon Tales

Stories set in the far east – Dragons, wise tales.

Indian Imagination

Inspired by traditional children's stories from Indian subcontinent

Magic Lamp

Inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights

African Legends

Set in Africa, and inspired by folk tales from Africa, such as “Anasi the spider”, “The Lion and the Mouse”, “Tinga Tinga tales”, “The clever monkey”, etc, this is

Animal Tales

Stories where animals are the main characters! Children love these animal characters that are engaging, yet contain timeless wisdom. Similar to Aesop’s fables, Panchatantra, and other classics!

Native Wisdom

Stories based on various Native American mythologies and legends.

Modern Day

Stories set in modern day big-city, with bustling traffic, large school yards, and everything that a big city modern life has to offer


Stories inspired by holiday themes