Kepler Cadets


The epic is set in Kepler 22 B, in the distant future.



Rajay: Male, 13 years old, just graduated from the Kepler academy of advanced science. Solves complex math and science topics in his head. Has designed a Bobbler.

Leelee: Female, 12, the warrior of the group. Can wield a  Blanimat with deadly precision. Friends with Rajay.

Booga: 11, resourceful character who often uses improvisational skills to get the team out of tricky situations.

 Zorblatt the marauder: Works alone. Flies on Zorcraft. He can be a hired assassin, or jump between planets pillaging and  looting Astatine-210.

Morgath, the veiled sovereign: The leader of the Penumbra (a.k.a The Shadow Dominion). Very little is known about this person. The name is  often said in whispers.


Kalpana colony: First and largest colony established  on Kepler 22B, named after a US astronaut. Population of over 1 M residents. Protected by a defense dome made of ions and lasers that prevent enemy spacecraft of asteroids or other space debris from crashing into the colony

Mount Njaro: White, shiny mountain. Tallest peak on Kepler 22B. Smooth sides.Impossible to climb except by very experienced climbers.


The Penumbra (a.k.a The Shadow Dominion): A group consisting of multiple advanced species with a multitude of powers (some scientific, some magical), that is looking to control all of the known universe. Penumbra is not necessarily evil – sometimes, this group helps people, but often has an ulterior motive. They are known to fly around in advanced spacecraft, engineer disruptions in gravity,absorb energy from nearby stars and create cosmic storms by manipulating nebulae.


Diadem of Lights festival: Annual festival celebrating the founding of Kepler 22B colonies. Story goes back to when the founders of Kepler 22B colonies escaped from the Shadow Dominion to set up this colony. Lights stay on all night.Fireworks all night. General revelry. (similar to 4th of July and Diwali)