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Are you ready to enchant your child’s bedtime with a tale that’s exclusively theirs? Or maybe you’re looking to weave values, new vocabulary words, or exciting concepts into a story that captivates and educates? Look no further!
StoriCrafter elevates story-telling and children’s books to dazzling new heights. Forget the endless search for the perfect book – here, you have the power to create it, tailored just for you! And the best part? Unlimited freedom to download, share, print, and more! Dive into the world of StoriCrafter and transform the way you tell stories. Let’s make storytime extraordinary!

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Choose from over 10 Universes (and counting). Each Universe has its own unique characters, places and lore. This makes crafting a story in each universe a unique experience !!

What values do you want to communicate?

Stories are great for communicating meta messages - friendship, honesty, loyalty, etc ..

Design your

Kids love it when they are the main character. You may also use the name of their pet, stuffed animal, etc. Be creative!

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Featured Universe: Fairy Tales